Why You Need 25mm Aluminium Venetian Blinds For Your Windows

25mm venetian blinds photo

The 25mm aluminium venetian blinds are light and offer an affordable way to give your room an instant upgrade. Whether custom-made or ready-made, the slimline slats are easy fitting and completely cover your open space for full privacy.

Available in hundreds of colours, the 25mm Venetian blinds comprise aluminium coated slats which makes them moisture resistant. So, what makes these the most popular types of blinds?

Main features

1.  25mm slimline aluminium slats

2.  They come complete with moulded installation plastic

3.  Strong enough to be fitted on either side of the window or frame

4.  Suitable for any room around the house

5.  Easy to pull up using a drawcord

6.  Rust and corrosion free

7.  Child safe

8.  Maximum width ranges between 110mm to 3700mm with a maximum drop of 3700mm.

Benefits of using 25mm aluminium Venetian blinds

Apart from controlling light, they give your room a minimalist style. They are made of aluminium which is a light material that's strong and capable of lasting for a lifetime.

The 25mm venteian blinds are ideal for covering small windows. The smaller slat sizes are more proportionate in smaller spaces compared to the larger slats.

Additionally, a single 25mm blind will have many slats which means there will be less room between each slat, hence blocking more sun.

They give more privacy if you raise the slats to a certain angle that makes it possible for you to see outside but difficult for someone to see inside.

These binds are also preferable where you have a narrow window frame or windowsill. Mounting the blinds inside or outside the recess is easier with smaller slats even if you have a medium size window.

The 25mm aluminium venetian blinds come in handy if you're looking for subtlety. They are attractive and easily blend with the room décor to provide elegance without sacrificing functionality.

They are available in dozens of slat colours to compliment your interior finish. The easy-to-clean feature and low maintenance gives these blinds their widespread uses.

The reflective nature of aluminium helps to provide insulation to your room. Controlling light and heat will ultimately reduce your cooling and heating costs.

They come with a wand that makes it easy to tilt the slats. Plus, it is child safe to prevent accidents around the house.

Since aluminium does not corrode, these blinds are suitable for wet areas like bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms.

When shopping for aluminium Venetian blinds, the size of the slats matters a great deal. Using larger slats in small windows will make them look disproportionate. The 25mm aluminium Venetian blinds make a perfect fit for small to medium-sized windows.

Due to their lightweight and flexibility, they are easy to install and operate. They give maximum privacy while allowing you to control the amount of natural light entering your room.

The 25mm aluminium venetian blinds are European made and come with high-quality slats that can buckle without chipping or flaking. Choosing the right slat size can make a huge difference in the appearance of your windows.