Why Hire a Public Adjuster?

You've seen the television commercials warning you 'not to speak to the insurance adjuster!'. Attorneys and public adjusters caution the public that insurance companies have their attorneys fighting for them and you need an attorney or public adjuster fighting for you! You can also visit http://public-adjuster.net/ and hire john morgenstern.

However, there is a positive change between an attorney plus a PA. Attorneys are instructed to graduate college, attend three years of law school along with pass a rigorous condition bar examination. Adjusters who represent people against insurance companies have to pass a 100 question licensing test without prerequisite course of study by any means.

During the 2004-2005 hard thunder storms the University of Key Florida received call soon after call from candidates, especially in South Florida, who wished to qualify for a 3-20 licenses. NOTE: Adjusters who represent people are paid a percentage fee from any monies recovered with respect to the client.


When callers were asked when they had any claims expertise, it was often true that the new applicant would definitely serve as a 'sales person' as an alternative to an adjuster, but many people needed a license to be able to solicit clients.

What that meant was the new licensee would definitely personally call on disaster victims selling them on a PA firm's services. Making that sale meant the sales person would receive a percentage of any insurance plan recovery.