Why chose a coastal holiday cottage in the UK?

The UK is a small island with a vast wealth of natural beauty. With an almost fractal coastline, there is always something to explore. Combine this with an extremely diverse geology, there is a wealth of natural bauty all within one small island. This is perfect for those who love nature and want a holiday where they can get away from it all in wild beauty.

Whilst the UK has many inland treats of natural history, the coastline is where the dramatically diverse lands meets the sculpting forces of it's wild oceans. It's no wonder many people choose to stay on or at its coastline. But, as most of the UK coastline is designated as either National Park, Heritage Coast or an Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty, holiday cottages on the sea is an increasing rarity in its beauty spots. This can be a blessing for some, as it preserves the very nature that draw tourists in. But it can making finding a coastal holiday cottages very difficult in its more popular locations. As you can see at findcoastalcottages.com there is not much on offer in the sought after spots.

Choosing a coastal holiday cottage, despite the lack of properties on offer, is pretty straight forward.  Depending on what kind of landscape and natural history you prefer, you can choose from the rugged and older rocks towards the north in Scotland and down the west coast. The south east coast generally tends to be newer and flatter.