Where to Sell Jewelry?

Are you interested in finding a way to raise quick money? The best things to sell this way are the ones which don't have any resale value because jewelry, like old type rings (minus the bead ), used garden-variety wedding rings out of an ex-spouse, or even discarded dental gold.

There might be any number of precious items in the base of your jewelry boxes and drawers. Maybe you forgot you own them! A single earring, broken string, or even worn outside sterling silver flatware. You can also sell your jewelry on circajewels.com/sell-jewelry

Can your selling scrap gold attempts become worth your time? Work out How much your products are worth, with no paying an appraiser $50 to $200 an hour, utilize these guidelines about gold prices:

To begin with, start looking for the karat postage of your piece. In case your item is significantly less than 24 karat, discount it proportionately. 18 karat is worth 75 percent, 14 karat is worth 58.3%, 10 karat is 41.7%.

Now subtract 10-20percent to the maximizing fees, plus whatever profit the middleman buyer wants from leasing it.

To give you a rough idea: when gold prices were lately at their all-time historical high of 1,035 an oz, you could have gotten about $75 to get a 14K wedding ring.