What You Should Ask When Finding a Wedding Reception

What are Some of the Important Questions to Ask to Find the Right Wedding and Reception Venue?

There is no dearth of wedding and reception venues, which makes finding the right venue even more difficult. In addition to it, there are many factors that you need to take into consideration to find the most suitable venue. Our aim here will be to examine few of the important points you need to check to book the appropriate venue.

Finding the Right Wedding and Reception Venue

Aspect #1: Photographic Opportunities

wedding and reception venueWe cannot think of a wedding without photography since a wedding is all about special moments which must be captured. Thus, you will have to check if the venue you are planning to book has good locations that would become ideal spots to take pictures during the wedding. 
Moreover, during your visit to the different wedding and reception venues you will have to check different other things, let us see what they are:
  • Are there several spots within the wedding and reception venue with the needed amount of lighting?
  • Are there spots inside the venue which are large and will have required space to accommodate all the family members so that a family shot can be easily taken?
  • Are there intimate spots which can be used for taking memorable pictures?

Aspect #2: Flexible Options

Right at the inception while visiting wedding and reception venues you will have to examine whether the venue is flexible and ready to accommodate requests you make. Few of the details you will have to look into would consist of:
  • In case it becomes necessary, will the venue agree to a different kind of seating arrangement (like roundtables, bistro, or long tables) than what is there at present?
  • Does the wedding and reception venue allow clients to make decor modifications or additions?
  • Will you have required privacy during the wedding reception? Does the venue host multiple events on a daily basis?
  • Is reception venue only open on weekends or you can book the same for your preferred dates?

Aspect #3: Plan B Creation

In case, outdoor wedding is planned then while checking wedding and reception venues you will have to take into consideration the season and make the selection accordingly. Moreover, there should be a Plan B to make changes if weather conditions take a turn towards the bad.
Moreover, if the wedding will have a theme like a vineyard wedding, then different factors are to be considered to choose right season for your reception. 
As for instance, you will have to keep note of the fact that fall, as well as summer, are the seasons when vineyards remain lush green and as such, the wedding should be fixed in these seasons.
Similarly, if you are on a tight budget then you will have to choose spring as the season for the wedding since it would be off-season and prices will be less for wedding and reception venues as well as for everything else.


To summarize we can say that selecting a wedding venue properly is important and by keeping note of the above points you will be able to select the right one.