What To Look For When Buying Dog Food

When you are purchasing dog food, you want to pay attention to the protein content in the brand of dog food you select, and aim for a dog food that has at least 20 percent protein content.  Additionally, you want to ideally make sure that the protein comes from a meat source and not a filler ingredient, such as corn or other grains.  For instance, Abady Dog Food protein comes from chicken and chicken meal, which are two excellent sources of protein and necessary for your pets growth.  And while Abady Dog Food is slightly more expensive than pet foods that use cheap filler ingredients, it's well worth it in the long run, because it will mean less trips to the veterinarian and your dog being healthier. 

Besides paying attention to the protein content and source of protein in your pets food, you also want to insure they are getting enough vitamins and minerals in their diet.  Some dog foods like 4Health Dog Food while it has enough protein and vitamins to satisfy the national recommendations, there are other dog food brands such as blue buffalo dog food, which include more vegetables and fruits in their dog food formula.  There is debate on whether vitamins and nutrients are lost when the fruits and vegetables are refined into kibble, however most pet owners agree, that getting vitamins and minerals from natural sources, is still better than from vitamin and mineral additives.  Your pets veterinarian may also suggest that you increase the vitamin and mineral levels in your dogs food, which in that case, you just add it into your dogs food. Another option that some pet owners choose, is to give their dog a mixture of dry and wet or canned dog food.  Most pets naturally prefer canned dog food, however it can be expensive, especially if you have a larger breed of pet, so mixing dry and canned dog food, makes a sensible alternative.