What To Ask a Criminal Lawyer

5 Important Questions to Ask

While Appointing a Criminal Defence Lawyer

criminal defence lawyerLooking for a criminal defence lawyer to represent you in a case? Before you hire anyone, it will be important to figure out whether the lawyer has required experience, knowledge and competency to handle your case. Best way to find this out is by asking right questions which can help you judge the level of proficiency lawyer has.

How to choose the right criminal lawyer?

Let us go through some of the questions you should ask.

Ask Questions to: Check Level of Experience – Analyze Ability to Evaluate Your Case

Questions about Experience

During your consultation it will be important to ask questions which will help you judge the degree of familiarity criminal defence lawyer has with cases similar to yours. Let us look at some of the questions you should ask.

Question #1: Do you have experience handling cases similar to mine?

This is an important question you should ask. The benefit of hiring experienced lawyers is that they can take required steps to achieve the best possible result for your case, reduce expenditure you have to make and save your time. In addition to it, you need to verify the response by inquiring about when and where such cases took place and what was the outcome. Such questions will help you judge the truthfulness of response lawyer is providing as well as the proficiency lawyer has in managing such cases.

Question #2: Is there conflict of interest I should know about?

Lawyers should inform you about any type of conflict of interest that may exist. In case the  criminal defence lawyer previously represented or currently represents a client and such representation will constrain lawyer's ability to properly represent your case then it will be considered as conflict of interest. Let us look at some examples where conflict of interest will likely arise:

  • If the lawyer you are planning to appoint is already hired by any co-defendant in the case.
  • Lawyer represents a firm against which you want to file a case.

Questions about Evaluation of Case

Apart from judging experience criminal defence lawyer has, you need to check how efficiently the lawyer can evaluate your case.

Question #3: Can you predict the outcome for the case?

Lawyers can not guarantee any specific result but experienced lawyers can certainly provide you a preliminary assessment of direction in which the case will probably move on the basis of available details.

Question #4: What strategy do you plan to use?

During discussions the criminal defence lawyer should explain the strategy to be used for achieving success in the case. The lawyer should also explain the reason for selecting such strategy and describe the likely advantages and drawbacks for the same.

Question #5: Are there any alternative solutions which can be utilized instead of a trial?

Experienced lawyers should be able to suggest ways in which a resolution can be negotiated before trial starts, as for instance, getting a plea bargain prior to trial.


To summarize we will say that asking the right questions will help you judge whether the lawyer is competent enough to handle your case. In case the lawyer tries to rush you into taking any decision or does not answer your questions properly then you will have to look for someone else.