What is Laser Teeth Whitening?

Learn why laser whitening is the most effective, yet expensive option available for teeth whitening.

If your teeth are very discolored with brown and/or yellow stain, you might want to consider the most effective approach there is to getting your teeth white – by laser whitening.

Out of all the cosmetic dental procedures to make you look your best, laser teeth whitening (technique known as Sbiancamento Denti in Italian) is the most effective. However, it is very expensive and can cost around $1,000 for the complete procedure. Most dental insurance policies won’t cover teeth whitening so this will come as an out of pocket expense to you.

Many people get a little cautious when they hear the word “laser”. But, you shouldn’t as the practice is safe and won’t harm the enamel or dental structure of your teeth.

Be prepared to sit for up to two hours in the dental chair as the work is very tedious and requires patience. If you are of the squirmy type at the dentist office, you will probably not be all that comfortable and want to do this in two visits – one for the uppers and another for the lowers. Ask your dentist if she can do this for you if you have questions.

A nice thing about laser whitening, is that you won’t have to be sedated with anesthesia and it is painless. Some people with teeth sensitivity may experience a little discomfort but is only temporary.

Because of the cost, look at this treatment as an investment in you. The results are immediate and can take 5-10 shades off in ugly yellow stains. It is strongly recommended that you don’t go back to smoking, eating and drinking foods that can revert back to discoloration (why waste $1000?). That means try to cut down on tea, coffee, wine, and any foods with high stain capabilities.

Your teeth over time will being to discolor but at that point you should regularly use a whitening toothpaste and gel products to keep you from having to go back again.