What is a Prom?

A prom is a popular culture and trend among the high school students. It is also called senior prom and senior ball. The entrance in prom shall be with a partner and is also mandatory in some schools. Usually, as the nature of law says, guys tend to ask girls out to be their partner in prom .In prom there is a guy who is awarded as the king and a girl as queen of the prom by the end of night. This is decided by the students through a voting process. This is a farewell to the soon graduating students and wishing them luck for their future life. A prom is one of the most important things a person dreams of thought-out the graduating period. Many of students start preparing for it while they are in there freshmen year like selecting out there dresses. You can check out Short prom dresses on http://parisdress.com/prom-short-dresses/.

The idea of what actually a prom is has been changed and modified over the years. Initially they were simple gatherings having a cute little comforting tea party and wearing their Sunday best clothes unlike today where the prefect dress is the most important necessity.

But what hasn’t changed yet regardless the advancement is the ceremony that is to gather around cut a cake, eat, drink, and click photographs, selecting the prom king and queen and later followed up by dancing.