What Does Alternative Medicine Includes?

Like all other conventional medicine, alternative medicines too have a huge set of disciplines and techniques. A list of these techniques is listed below:

1) Acupuncture: It is a technique i.e. used to treat various illnesses by using a thin needle on pressure points or energy centers. You can get more info about Seattle Natural health via http://aspirenaturalhealth.com/natural-medicine-evaluations.

2) Ayurveda: This technique is a varied collection of whole-body treatments. It was basically originated in India.

3) Biofeedback: It is a modern technique that is used for observing natural body function and learning control thought patterns.

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4) Chiropractic Medicine: This is a technique i.e. used for adjusting the bones, tendons and ligaments. It is basically used to treat a wide variety of conditions.

5) Herbalism: This technique makes use of herbs (and sometimes other plant, fungus, and animal pieces to treat disease instead of artificial drugs.

6) Homeopathy: This technique is used for treating conditions with tiny amounts of substances which in larger doses cause the problem in the first place.

7) Hypnosis: It is an altered state of awareness i.e. made up of both concentration and relaxation. It is basically guided by someone else.

8) Meditation: It is a practice of focused reflection and is used to achieve mental calm.

9) Naturopathy: It is a multi-disciplinary field that makes used of natural alternatives to treat illness. This technique often has similarities to Western medicine.

10) Nutritional Therapies: This technique is used for modifying the diet to relieve various conditions.

From above, it is clear that alternative medicine is as broad as mainstream medicine in the variety of treatments available.