Ways to make money from your another property

Many owners of second homes are faced with a dilemma during this down real estate market. By turning the second home into a vacation rental, families are able to realize some income and in many cases, keep the home. And unlike full time rentals, vacation rentals allow the family to continue to use the home in between rentals.

Many families have second homes that they have enjoyed for years, even generations. Turning your home into a vacation rental can make perfect sense. Even properties that have traditionally been long term rentals can be furnished and converted. Specially trained staging assistants can help in this area.

Vacation rentals have continued to grow in spite of the recession. Renting a lake tahoe luxury vacation rentals can be less expensive than a traditional hotel, especially for families needing multiple rooms. Usually, many guests claim the biggest attraction of the home is being able to experience the community vibe and local color which can be lost on hotels situated in tourist centers.

There are many do-it-yourself websites which allow owners to list their property for rent. Owners simply post photos, describe the home, and list the rental rates. Some owners enlist the help of a full service realtor who specialize in vacation rentals. Payment is generally a percentage of the rental and you can receive assistance with a variety of services from fielding inquiries & booking to managing the cleaning staff.