Visiting Spain On Vacation

Spain is one of the top holiday destinations in Europe and is a great choice whether you are traveling with a special someone, your family, or a group of friends. Spain’s history and culture is different from other European countries.

To be honest, I know little about places such as the Costa Blanca, the Costa Brava, and the Costa del Sol, and long may that last. There have nevertheless in times past been occasions where my journey south needed to be made on the shore of the Mediterranean.

All I saw in Barcelona was real tower blocks, although I'm sure it must possess an attractive place. Much farther south on the Costa del Sol, areas like Torremolinos is my idea of hell on earth with less than lovely beaches packed with holiday-makers.

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Behind them are miles of nearly identical restaurants offering nearly equal food catering to tastes from all around Europe with not a real Greek dish to be seen. As for the old first town, it lies just about underwater under acres and acres of high rise concrete. You can browse for luxury shopping in Barcelona.

Actual Spain is available not so far off. Just stay clear of the coast, and also do your analysis. Find a Spain where life still stops at lunchtime and doesn't begin again until dusk, as the afternoon siesta nonetheless controls.

No shops open, only a couple of cafes, no hustle, no bustle, just peace, and tranquility. Add to the no Sun. Megastore opening, hardly a very small shop unless you are fortunate enough to encounter one in one of the legends of unspoiled minuscule whitewashed cities you may very well be staying near.