Ventless Portable Air Conditioners – Advantages and Disadvantages

This type of air conditioner is a good choice if you only want air conditioning in a small part of your home. In the hot months of summer the air conditioning unit works extra hard and gives you a big electric bill for at least three months. Many times your air conditioner that cools your whole house works when it does not need to, especially when it cools areas that are not occupied.

This is when the ventless portable air conditioner comes in handy. It is a little unit prepared with one weaken pipe but on the exterior of your home there is nothing to install or fasten there, just put the unit by a window and using the window put the pipe outside. There are many advantages and disadvantages for using this form of air conditioning. You can navigate here  to know the advantages and  disadvantages of vent less portable air conditioner.

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• They are portable, which make being mobile one of the great skin tone. 

• No hassles with installation because all you do is put the exhaust pipe out the window. 

• It only gives air conditioning to one room so it is a good investment 

• It can help you save on your electricity bill 

• It is an environmentally and economical option for cooling the home.


• When you compare thus type of unit they are not as professional as window units. 

• Regular window units work faster than these portable units.