Various Types of Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are available in a various shapes, sizes and designs. During the period of their transit, they play the role of temporary warehouses of your goods or products. Following are the major types of containers available in the shipping industry to carry an extensive assortment of goods across the continents.

Dry Storage Container: These are the most common variety of shipping containers used for shipping dry materials. You can get more details about shipping containers through website online.

Flat Rack Container: With foldable sides making a flat rack, these containers are ideal for shipping a wide assortment of cargo.

Open Top Container: This kind of container has an easily removable convertible top to facilitate loading goods of different heights, which will not fit into a dry storage container.

Tunnel Container: As the name implies, these containers have open able doors on either side to facilitate easy container stuffing or unloading.

Open Side Storage Container: The advantage with these types of containers is that they have doors that open on the sides completely to facilitate better accessibility while loading materials.

Double Doors Container: Loading and unloading, especially of construction materials, are easily feasible in these types of containers that have double doors providing for better room while loading and unloading.

Refrigerated ISO containers: If you want to ship perishable cargo like vegetables, fruits, fish and meat, you need these types of containers that are temperature controlled and protect your goods from the time of loading to the unloading point at the destination warehouse.

Cargo Storage Roll Container: Built in a range of colors with strong wire mesh and supported by rollers for easy movement, these foldable containers normally transport stacks of materials.