Various Types of Pallets

If you need to order pallets, the type you select will depend on these factors most specifically what the pallets will be used for and how much you are afforded.

Pallet Defined

First, it is critical to know just what a pallet is. According to, a pallet is a "small, low, platform on which goods are placed for storage space or moving, such as a are estate or vehicle.

Stringer Pallets vs. Block Pallets

Pallets of several sizes and materials generally get caught in two wide-ranging categories: stringer pallets and block pallets. Stringer pallets often created from softwood and sometimes known as "two-way" pallets, use a shape of 3 or 4 bits of timber (called "stringers") that are parallel and mounted on top duckboard’s, thus developing the framework of the pallet.


Block pallets, on the other hand, are generally better and better than their stronger counterparts. The explanation for the greater power, security, and our power is two-fold: blocks are typically created from hardwood, plus they use both parallel and perpendicular bits of timber ("stringers") to set-up their framework, which supports better handling. If you want to know more details regarding pallets, you can also visit

Materials Used

As stated, different materials are being used to manufacture the many types of pallets. Each material has its set of benefits and disadvantages.


Wood is the most frequent type of materials used to make pallets. Solid wood ones can be softwood stringer or wood block pallets. The features of using solid wood for building they are many: real wood is strong, strong, flexible, considerable, and easy to use.