Use Of Pepper Spray For Protection

The concern for personal security has led to the invention of the stun guns and pepper spray that have come into the market and is purchased by many today. Possessing a stun gun or a pepper spray has become quite common as it is good self- defense against any attacker.

With the economies growing at a fast pace, the number of people working and high paying demanding jobs has become a common thing. Late nights and traveling alone at odd hours has become quite a regular feature with the offices working very late hours. One can  also navigate to if you want to know more about pepper spray .

The best option you can do in this kind of situation is to use your pepper spray. How does a tiny pepper spray bottle do any good against these ferocious animals who are threatening your life? If you can't fight them fist for fist or outrun them step by step, then you can do them both with the aid of the pepper spray.

When faced with either of these wild animals, you need to first stand your ground and when they comes close, you fight by getting the pepper spray and let them have it right in the eyes to temporarily blind them.

After that, you run as fast as you can away from them and call for help to assist you in controlling the situation. It sounds that easy to do it, but when facing it in reality, it seems a lot harder or an even greater responsibility to be the hero especially if you have company who you want to protect.