Tips For Keeping Your Sewing Machine Working Well

Never neglect the maintenance of your sewing machine, especially if you use it consecutively or in a daily basis. Things like blunt needles or dust and threads inside of your machine can disturb its performance. In this article we share tips on how to maintain your sewing machine.

Always remember to cover your machine after you finish using it to prevent any dust from residing on it. You can use the plastic case that is available from when you bought the machine, or a fabric case that you can make yourself. Run a wipe through parts of your sewing machine occasionally to remove any excess threads or when you feel it is getting dusty. You can also use a small brush to clean the area around the bobbin from lint.

Another important thing you should not forget is to change your needles regularly. If you often work with thick fabrics such as leather, you will know that it blunts the tip of your needles. Blunt needles would increase the chance of untidy stitches in your work. Be sure to replace the needles in your best sewing machine after working for several hours or after a big day project.

Last but not least, you need to remember to oil your sewing machine. Your purchase from the dealer will usually come with a bottle you can use. Before you start, you should clean your machine from loose lint like we have mentioned above because if you oil your machine without removing them, they will obstruct the gear movements in your machine. You will find an oiling manual included when you first bought your machine. If you have lost it, you can download one from the Internet. A manual is important because every machine is different. After oiling the parts of your machine, put it back together and wipe it clean with a cloth.