Tips for Hiring a Freelance Logo Designer


A logo is an essential part of a brands image. Hence, it is very important to ensure that professional designers are hired to design your logo. Below are a few tips you should be mindful of when hiring a freelance logo designer:

1. Use Social media

It is recommended to use social media to create pool for freelance logo designers by posting a job on websites like LinkedIn, twitter, Facebook and etc. In this way you can meet with several potential candidates and select best suited one.

2. Previous Experience

After short listing candidates it is suggested to ask them to show you the kind of work they have done previously and focus on the logos they have previously worked on. Shortlist individuals who have relevant experience. Also ask them to bring their portfolio along on the day of interview to ensure that they did not show anyone else work.

3. Price for each project

Also ask the candidate the fees they will be charging for each project. Make sure to compare the rates with other designers so that you do not pay extra for the project that can be done at a lesser price. It is also suggested that you ask them for a discount or ask them for package deals. This way you can save money and have a logo from Perth designed while staying within a budget.

4. Personality

It is very important to hire a designer with a pleasant personality. There will be times when you may not like their input or may need some changes. The designer should be able to take the feedback with an open mind and fulfil your requirements.

These are a few tips for hiring a freelance logo designer.