Tips For Freezing Fish

In order to make sure that any meat whether it is beef, poultry or fishstays fresh it has to be stored properly. If the meat is not cleaned and stored properly in the freezer it can easily go bad. Following are some tips for freezing fish properly so it does not go bad:

Courtesy: recipegreat

  1. If you are purchasing fish from a farmer’s market, or even a superstore, purchase it after all other shopping. This way you will not have to carry the fish around and there are fewer chances that it will get bacteria from the surroundings. You can also use services of Sydney seafood delivery to get fresh fish at your doorstep.
  2. As soon as you reach home, rinse the fish properly with cold water. This way you will be able to eliminate all kinds of contaminants that can affect the flavour of fish and cause deterioration. Make sure you drain all the water before storing.
  3. Before putting away the fish in a freezer, make meal-sized portions of the fish fillets. Avoid refreezing the fish that has been defrosted once.
  4. Make sure the fish is never exposed directly to cold air as it can cause freezer burn. Freezer burn makes the flesh dry and inedible. To ensure the fish tastes good, store in a sealed bag before putting it in the freezer.  
  5. Never freeze fish in water as flesh can easily absorb water and makes the fish mushy. Make sure the freezer is set on coldest temperature and freeze it as soon as possible.

Moreover, never defrost fish under hot or warm water; leave the packet to thaw under cold water.