Three Reasons to Choose a Bagless Canister Vacuum

Not all vacuum cleaners are born alike, and they are differentiated between them by their aspiration power, their design, and their technology.  Though choosing the color of your vacuum cleaner may be important to you, and knowing if it is strong enough to handle your vacuuming needs is key, consider the following technological and practical advances supplied by bagless canister vacuums.

The first reason to choose a vacuum which does not use a bag is that it helps you detect how full the canister is, either because the canister is transparent or see-through, or because it has a sensor.  Vacuums which use bags simply start losing their suction power and you have to check to see if the reason happens to be that the bag is full.

The second reason to choose a bagless vacuum is that you do not need to keep a stock of bags. As with so many things in life, needs arise at the worst possible moments; you don’t want to be caught without a bag right when you need one.  Additionally, all too often, not all models of bags are carried by all vendors, nor are all models of bags carried over time.  You may find yourself having trouble finding a store which carries the bags which your vacuum uses.  The designs of equipment such as vacuum cleaners change quite quickly, and many changes in design and capacity mean changes in the design of the bag.  Each model of vacuum cleaner requires a particular type of bag.

The third, and most potent reason to avoid vacuum cleaners which use bags is that those bags, once full, simply add to our already overflowing landfills. The trash these bags constitute is not biodegradable, even though the content of the bag probably is. What accumulates in a vacuum cleaner’s deposit is mostly hair, be it human or pet, crumbs and other food waste, and other organic remains.  Unfortunately, most vacuum bags are made of man-made fibers.

So, these are the main reasons that you can choose a bagless canister vacuum model. Of course it depends to the individual preferences as some people prefer a bagged vacuum cleaner. After all, the vacuum cost is a critical factor when deciding which model to buy and lots of people prefer a cheaper canister models.