Things You Didn’t Know About Smoking – Best Quit Smoking Tips

Are you hitting around the idea of quitting smoking? Need some additional motivation? Here are facts you may not currently know about smoking. These statistics should help you make your decision a bit quicker. Scientists warn that a cigarette smoking after eating your meals  dramatically increases the risk of bowel cancer, and lung cancer.


– Smokers are around twice as likely to die from cancer as non-smokers

– Every day, nearly 1,200 Americans die from smoking

– Nearly half of all heavy smokers (25+ cigarettes per day) will die from smoking

– Smoking increases age-related hearing loss

– Smoking can cause cataracts to form in the eyes

– Smokers are 3 times as likely to die from heart attacks

– More than 2,500 infants die per year due to smoking by the mother

– A pack of cigarettes costs around 5 – 7 cents to produce – You pay up to $5.00

– Death from heart disease is 9 times more common in men aged 40 – 50

– The spouse of a smoker is 30% more likely to die from lung cancer than the spouse of a non-smoker

– Children who smoke are 15 times more likely to use narcotic drugs than children who don't smoke

– Children of smokers have around 5.5 times higher levels of cotinine, a byproduct of nicotine in their systems.

As you can see, smoking is dangerous and unhealthy for yourself, and those around you. Why subject yourself, and those you love to these major health complications?

Children, family members, friends. They're all paying the price of your smoking with their health. Quitting smoking doesn't need to be a long, drawn-out and expensive process. There are simple, step by step processes to quitting smoking that you should know about.