Things to Look for When Hiring a Professional Organizer

Understanding what Professional Organizers do is integral in attaining your organizing outcomes. A Professional Organizer uses principles and methods to teach clients organizational skills and design tailored systems. The organizer helps the client gain control over their time and space by generating organizing systems that an appropriate and customized for the client and helps the client develops skills to maintain organization.

Organizers come from a variety of backgrounds and occupations and as such offer a wide array of organizing services. While most Professional Organizers specialize in either residential or business organization, there are niche services as well such as moving, estate organization, special population organizing (Attention Deficit Disorder, the chronically muddled, children, seniors or students), event planning, and public speaking. You can also know about closet storage solutions via various online sources.

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Residential Organizing specialists normally offer services such as de-cluttering of spaces, storage design, living space flow, personal coaching, time management, filing and home office organization, and planning, packing and unpacking for relocation.

Business Organizing experts work with clients to improve and increase productivity, develop work flow systems, space design, paper filing and storage, electronic organizing, time management, produce streamline inventory systems, space design, and much more.

While several Professional Organizers specialize in one or more areas, there are certain services which most do not offer. Organizers typically don't offer cleaning or secretarial services, but often times can provide you with recommendations to other businesses that do offer those services.