A portable sewing machine is a very useful gadget for the people who have to sew and stitch different materials and fabrics from time to time. There are many portable sewing machines available now that you can purchase from any online stores or from the markets near you. People really love these small portable sewing machines because of its size and if you are thinking that portable sewing machines cannot sew well like the other big sewing machines, then you are thinking completely wrong because portable sewing machines are able to sew like other big sized sewing machines that you mostly see.

What is a Portable Sewing Machine?

Portable means something that is not difficult in carrying from one place to another, so this also makes a clear sense that a portable sewing machine is also small in size as compared to the normal sewing machines, but you cannot carry a normal or a big sized sewing machine easily from one place to another and you might need to pack a whole lot of things for it, so a portable sewing machine is profitable for you if you love to sew on different places and in different environments. Sewing is a hobby and also a great way to earn money and some people just cannot imprison themselves by sewing hundreds of sewing projects in just one corner of the room, if you are among those people, then portable sewing machines is what you should get.

Advantages of Portable Sewing Machines

The top most advantage of the portable sewing machines is that you can carry your sewing machine anywhere with you, so if you are tired of stitching your favorite shirt in the corner of your room you can easily carry a portable stitching machine with you to your lawn or terrace or in front of your T.V set and continue with your sewing work.

Best Portable Sewing Machines

These are some of the portable sewing machines which are completely suitable for you

  • Simple 2263 by Singer

Simple 2263 by Singer is one of the best portable sewing machines as the selection of stitches are very simple, you can easily maintain the adjustment of the width and length of the stitches. There are total 23 stitches on this machine that are fixed type. It is a free arm machine and also there is a huge storage for keeping things related to sewing and stitching and this model comes with 25 years of warranty.

  • Simple 3223 by Singer

Simple 3223 is also another handy sewing machine and it includes the adjustments for the zigzag stitches, which is easy to manage, it also has four-step buttonhole and four feed dog system. The total stitches that can make using this model are 23 and it is completely portable.

How to Use Portable Sewing Machines

There is nothing to be afraid of, these small and cute sewing machines because it works like other normal sized sewing machines and the only difference is about the size and weight. The trading system is easy to understand and it is similar to the normal sized sewing machines, in fact a portable sewing machine is less difficult to operate as compared to the normal sized or gigantic sized machines.