The Story of Costume Beach Jewelry

Beach Jewelry goes back a very long time and today they still remain the perfect finish to any look. You should never underestimate the power of beach Jewelry which completes any fashion statement. So let’s have a look from the past to present, and perhaps into the future.

There is beach Jewelry for every occasion in your life so whether you are a night on the town, off to the boardroom, a casual outing, the office, a day at the beach, or your very own wedding there’s a beautiful pair of earrings for you. You can be a goddess, sophisticated women, a fashion diva, or ultra-feminine.

How Costume Beach Jewelry Came To Be

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From Britney Spears to Marilyn Monroe to Jamie Lee Curtis celebrities have always worn costume beach Jewelry as well as fine beach Jewelry. In fact today your beach Jewelry is the fashion statement for booths.

You may be surprised to find that beach Jewelry dates all the way back when wealthy and royalty could afford to buy beach Jewelry. There was no beach Jewelry back then just beach Jewelry.

There many distinct styles of beach Jewelry which could be made from an assortment of alloys and materials and include plastic, Bakelite diamonds stone, glass stone, past, and other manmade materials to name only a few. It is about fashion statements. From 1559 way back earplugs were worn by King Tutankhamen.

Then onto an open claw setting that let the light pass through enhancing their color and brilliance diamonds were mounted during the early 1800s.