The Solution For The Patients With Sensitive Eyes


Even though the ReLEx Smile procedure hasn’t been around for long, it has already become the new gold standard of eye surgery. This new procedure used the latest, third, generation of the famous femtosecond laser, in the form of the powerful VisuMax instrument, created by the renowned German manufacturer Carl Zeiss, and provides numerous benefits to the patient. Not only is the procedure completely bladeless, it also requires only a small 4 mm incision on the cornea, making it also flapless. With no flap created, the eye’s biomechanics are preserved, and all the risk of infections and complications is reduced to a minimum,

The VisuMax laser is so powerful, that the entire procedure can be completed using only one instrument. This means that there is no more moving the patient, or wasting time preparing other instruments, which drastically improves the comfort of the patient. You can go here and find out more about all the extra benefits of the new procedures, and the advantages it has over the standard LASIK eye surgery method. Not only is this procedure flapless, it is also a lot less invasive than all others, making it a perfect choice for patients with more sensitive eyes, and issues with drier corneas.