The simple rule to increase productivity

If your product is not up to the standards of making to the international market you can always make it to the local market. Your product should be the willingness of customers to buy and it should also be within their purchasing power.

Customers are well aware about the fact that everything expensive doesn’t mean that it is of the highest quality. The value of the product is based on its quality. What you must be doing however is that with every release of your product check it on your own and see that how could it be helpful to people in their daily life.

Having positive reviews of your product on your site as well as on other people’s sites like is something that you must maintain. Never leave a customer unsatisfied with your product and don’t even think about losing a customer if you can’t keep the promise then don’t sale it at all.

Learn to bear the consequences of your poor production and let it be the source of motivation for you to follow and lead to developing a great product. This fuel for developing great items will help you in generating more sales, more profit and additional loyal customers for your business.