The New Pioneer HRM-7 Are The Best Studio Headphones For The Money

Companies in every industry tend to release new products on a regular basis. This is especially the case for headphones.

From last year’s CES event, Pioneer have introduced the HRM-7 which is expected to be one of their more impressive products. These headphones have been designed to produce studio-grade sound and look like one of the best studio headphones out on the market.

Boasting 40mm high definition drivers, the HRM-7s are associated with an extremely wide frequency response and perfect accuracy when it comes to the reproduction of sound. This accuracy will also affect the lower frequencies that are responsible for the delivery of bass.

Pioneer HRM-7 studio headphones

It can be easily seen that the overall sound characteristics of the HRM-7 make it one of the best studio headphones this year. On top of this, there are other features, which also contribute to this. For example, the design of these headphones seems to provide highly effective noise isolation. This makes the HRM-7 headphones perfectly suitable for use in a studio setting. To add to the aspect of the design, Pioneer has given the HRM-7s a 3D ergonomic structure. This prevents the headphones from clamping too hard on the sides of the head thus ultimately leading to a comfortable fit.

The above qualities are bound to make these great in terms of their performance and other essential features. In addition to this, the price of just over $200 is quite attractive too. If you have a low budget, it might be worth taking a look at the new TMA-2 Modular headphones, as they are voted as the best studio headphones here.