The Flagship Model Of Rolex – The Datejust

Released in the year 1945, to mark the 40-year anniversary of the inception of Rolex, the Datejust is the best selling watch of Rolex. Initially, honoring the Allied victory in WWII, Wilsdorf looked into naming it “The Victory”, nonetheless it was changed to the “Jubilee” and to Datejust, after a short time.

At first many thought that the Datejust was just a variation to the Bubbleback, which was released within the 1940’s, and both were often known as the Ovettone for its domed rear.A new fluted bezel using a larger crown replaced the coin edge bezel that is first introduced with the Datejust versions. In the 1950’s, Model 6605 of the Datejust was released.

In that model, over the date for the watch’s crystal, lies a cyclops or magnifying bubble. A Datejust model watch featuring a Turn-O-Graph gold Bezel, was introduced in 1956 by Rolex. This kind of model was called the “Thunderbird”, model 1625. You can navigate through the related sources on web and browse by categories the latest models of Rolex watches.

After much success, the Datejust that is only offered in 18kt yellow gold, now also offered in platinum eagle or white gold, and metal. The two-tone Datejust models were easily obtainable in 1962. Also, the Datejusts offered a range of options for the watch-straps. These kind of included a leather watch-strap, the Oyster bracelet, or a Jubliee bracelet.