The Festivities Of Semana Santa, Spain

Spain has one of the more distinctive cultures in all of Europe. Known for its raucous festivals and ruby-red sangria, Spain has long been popular for shopping. When I travel I pay particular attention to how religion works its way into the daily life of the people of different cultures, yet I have just once traveled to a city with the primary intention of witnessing its signature ceremony.

The town was Seville from the south of Spain, and the service was Semana Santa, Catholicism's Holy Week. OK, my journeys to Seville, locally called Sevilla, to test out Semana Santa might not have been as premeditated as I make it seem.

I arrived in Spain understanding that I finally wanted to make my way down through Spain to Seville but it was not since I was much thinking about witnessing Holy Week. There are many places for shopping. You will be confused on what to see and where. A famous point for shopping is Diagonal Luxury Shopping in Barcelona, El Corte Ingls.

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I sort-of-knew Semana Santa was a major deal in Seville but my primary reason for needing to head down to the south of Spain was that a friend of mine had invested quite a little time in Seville and that I wanted to check out the city which had captured her heart.

It was late March and that I was in Spain so I figured I might too explore Seville during the city's time in the spotlight and I started to look for accommodations.

When I had thought beforehand I would have realized hostel costs would skyrocket over the duration of a week-long festival drawing visitors and pilgrims from every corner of the world, but I discovered too late that I couldn't afford to visit Seville during Holy Week.

At least, I couldn't visit for the full week. I could, however, afford to go for the week leading up to Semana Santa. I guessed grabbing the very first day of the festival was much better than not seeing it, so I reserved a room and took another bus leaving.