The Different Types of Eyeglasses

Eyeglasses are the accessories that cover our eyes, these can also be the fashion accessories for your eyes and overall looks. Some people wear them because of their weak eyesight while some wear them just to look fashionable. Eyeglasses have an important role in your lives and there are different types of eyeglasses which have various optical benefits. Following are the differnt types of eyeglasses-

One of the types is the safety glasses which protect your eyes from any flying debris. These types of eyeglasses are preferred for those who work in a dusty atmosphere on a daily basis like -builders, doctors, carpenters, mechanics etc. Now a days safety glasses are often very stylish and modern as compared to the past. Workers who work in the factories are prone to very harmful air and they must need a much stronger frame with additional shields fpor protection. For more variety of Progressive Glasses and Sunglasses for Men and Women like Classic Specs you can visit your nearby showroom.

Another type of eyeglasses are the Sunglasses which are quite dark in colour to provide protection against the sun's bright and harmful UVA and UVB rays. Whenever you go in the sun you must wear the sunglasses to protect yourself from the harmful rays. Many people have turned sunglasses as s style statement with latest trends.