The Difference Between Free and Paid Hosting Services

Paid VS Free Web Hosting

web hostingWeb Hosting is a service that can allow your website to be visible to people around the world via the internet. A web host provides you with space on their server for you to upload the content of your website. From there, other computers can connect to this server using the website’s URL and then view your website. There thousands of web hosting services out there on the market today and many of them have a range of services including free hosting. Let's take a look at some of the services web hosting can offer you: 

Free hosting

If you’re short on cash than free hosting is a great option for you. It is perfect for personal websites and startup businesses. Although the way these hosting services are funded is not very appealing since the hosting service will place ads onto your website to make up for its lost revenues. 

Paid Hosting

With this method, you will be paying a fee for the hosting service. However, you will not have ads on your website, and you’ll have more control over the content that is displayed on your site. You will also receive database support which will allow you to create more complex websites that could store user information.