The Best Way to Manage Multiple Email Addresses

Maybe you've got many different websites or websites, each with their own email address. To analyze your incoming emails means logging into the control panel for all your domain names, also that, depending on the amount of sites you've got, can prove to be somewhat awkward. If you are looking for mail verification services visit

There is currently a simpler way to manage of those email accounts simply by utilizing one Gmail account. This is rather straightforward to prepare and that I will explain how it can be carried out.

Nowadays you need to stop by your website which you will need to forward the emails from and input its direction panel. To accomplish this, put in your browser address bar your website address /c-panel added on the finish. Then log on.

Depending upon your hosting provider and package, each control panel interface may seem slightly different, but regardless of which, all of these have the exact same purposes. Proceed to the place for email and choose 'Forwarders'. Then you'll be taken to another page at which you are given the option to bring a forwarder.

Click 'Add Forwarder' and you will be taken to another page where you choose the email address to forward. You will also find on this page the option beneath 'Destination' to 'Forward to email address'. Choose this option and add your Gmail address into the box.

Finally, select 'Insert Forwarder'. You've finished the process to forward your website's mails to your Gmail account.