The Advantages of Portable Outdoor Shower Enclosures

Many of the portable outdoor shower enclosures that are available for consumers these days are manufactured from PVC material (polyvinyl chloride).

This material is ideal in wet weather conditions because of its waterproof properties. It is also a durable material that can protect users from the sun's harsh UV rays.

Custom Retractable Pool Enclosures for Indoor Outdoor Pools are particularly popular with trampers because they are very light to carry and can be erected and taken down quickly.

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After walking for miles through the countryside on a humid hot day it can be a welcome relief to quickly erect one of these portable outside shower enclosures and stand under a refreshing shower.

In the main, because there is not the expense of using 'hard' materials such as timber or concrete in manufacturing a portable shower they are much cheaper and therefore more affordable than expensive fixed models.

Owing to their portability and because they can be easily shifted or moved around without too much trouble, the portable outdoor shower is used by some emergency services teams such as the Fire Service in situations where they may have to attend a serious accident where for example a fuel tanker may have leaked petrol or a truck carrying chemicals has overturned in an accident.

In these situations, the emergency team may need to urgently shower off chemical residues or traces of contaminants from a spillage in an outdoor shower enclosure.

Portable shower enclosures are also used by some Drug Enforcement Agencies at crime scenes who may be at risk from contaminants. The shower would be used to help remove and disinfect officers from toxic substances after removing, for example, dangerous chemicals from illegal drug dens.