Thailand Lifestyle Tips

Most travelers, vacationers or acquaintances have the incorrect impression that if they visit Thailand they are going to need to spend tens of thousands of dollars each month to undergo the perfect Thai lifestyle.  But they would be confused.  Actually, you’ll be able to live an excellent Thai lifestyle for a great deal less than this.

To begin with, virtually everything in Thailand can give you a lot under a similar lifestyle in Europe or USA could cost.  But do not simply take my word for this.  Let these instances (in US$) show you personally.

For more detailed info about Thailand, you can go to to know Lifestyle (which is also referred as “ไปที่ รู้วิถีชีวิต” in the Thai language) of Thailand.

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It is possible to enjoy super high-speed Internet (broadband) at less than $30 monthly. It’s possible to rent a lovely, two stories home with spacious garden for approximately roughly $150 monthly (depending on where you live of course.  Some areas significantly more costly, and way less!)

It is possible to go out during the night time and tantalize your taste buds with a 4 or 3 class Thai dinner for approximately $15 (depending exactly what you consume course! Or you are able to ‘eat’ but eat very nicely (feel full to the brim later) for only $3 (which is pushing it).

You can purchase your very own zippy little 11-5 cc Honda or Yamaha automatic bicycle (scooter) for approximately $1, 000 – or snap a secondhand bike for half of that.  (If you’d like to courageous bicycle taxis – it will likely be anywhere from $1-$15 per trip). So that in terms of overall living expenses, you’d stay directly on top of matters.