Steps To Release Blocked Ink Cartridges

When printers are left unused for a long while, the ink cartridges trap the ink and get blockeds. If you are experiencing something like this do not fret over spending a ton of money to release the ink. Here is how you can release the trapped ink from the cartridges:

1. Unplug your printer to prevent any physical injury – if you carry this process with a printer powered on you might get electrocuted.

2. Lift the lid of the printer to expose the cartridges and see the problem.

3. Loosen the cartridge from its slot and remove it from the printer. This method works best for Brother ink cartridges. You can click here for Brother ink cartridges by Cartridgesales.

4. Turn the hot water on over the sink.

5. Submerge the blocked cartridge in a hot bath. Ensure that the minute vacancies through which the ink can be refilled and released are kept above water level. This prevents the water from going into the cartridge and making things worse.

6. After a while, the ink might begin to spurt out of the cartridge; this means the process is working. However, if it comes out the moment you place it under the water, this means that the ink clogged pretty terribly.

7. Once the cartridge has been left in the water bath for a while, remove it, dry it and place it back.

This is an easy way to fix a blocked cartridge make your printer functioning again.