Starting A Photography Business

Starting a photography business seems easy, to begin with. All one needs is a good camera, an understanding of photography techniques, a love of photography itself, and the enthusiasm to turn a passionate hobby into a business.

Unfortunately, it really isn't as simple as that!

The moment a talented amateur photographer makes the decision to become a professional, to earn money from their photographs, he or she ceases to be a photographer and instead becomes a marketer and seller of photography.

The distinction between photographer and businessperson is crucial and understanding of this is essential if the would-be professional has a desire to be successful at selling their photographic work.

For those who are new to the photography business, or considering making the jump from being an amateur to the professional photographer, there is a structured approach that could save some agony further down the line. This systematic methodology is called "The Six Pillars Of Success" and can apply to almost any small business. To know more about photography business, you can also navigate to

The six pillars are:

  • Mindset
  • Positioning
  • Marketing
  • SEO
  • Sales
  • Client relationships 

The process of marketing becomes much simpler and a lot less costly, since you'll see a lot more benefit from word of mouth marketing. The SEO for your photography website is also made much simpler because your blog articles, for example, further help the search engines to see you as a local authority.

The sales process becomes easier to manage because you've now created a good reputation within the community. Finally, your family of happy clients will love you more as your photography business becomes more established.