Start Surfing This Weekend

So, you want to begin surf? Or, maybe you already began surfing and you want to make sure you are on the right track. In this article we will discuss three keys to your quest to learn how to surf: the advantages of surf camp, the surfboard design most suitable for you, and which equipment is most necessary.   You can visit to buy any type of surf board.

Surf Camps:

Surf camps will introduce you to the sport of surfing in a safe and friendly atmosphere. These camps promote ocean safety, the rules of the lineup (surf etiquette), and having fun in a non-pressure environment. Paddling out to a pack of surfers can be intimidating, especially when you are unsure of your skills, but a good surf camp will give you the instruction you need to gain confidence in the water. The surfing learning curve is a slow one. That said, the reason you see surfers of all abilities is because it is so much fun. There is an old philosophy when it comes to fun vs. skill: Do you know how to find the best surfer in the water? It's the person having the most fun!


To start your surfing experience, consider buying a funboard as your first wave catching machine. This board will fall somewhere between six to eight feet and offer plenty of width. These larger boards will help you catch plenty of waves and will transition with you as you move from beginner to intermediate.