Some Bad Practices That Sewing Starters Should Avoid

If you just decide to learn sewing, then you make a wise decision. There are many benefits of sewing and it is also a very enjoyable hobby. It is easy to start, but you may make some mistakes in your learning process as well. In this article, we will list some common mistakes that beginners make and you should avoid them when you learn sewing.

1. Get a too basic sewing machine. New sewers have no experience with sewing machines and most of them just choose a basic model to start as they think this kind of machine is easy to use. Well, they are indeed easy to practise but they have very limited features. Actually, they are made for kids. So it is just a waste of money if you get such a machine. A middle level machine can be a good choice for most starters, like Brother CS6000i. It is the best sewing machine of 2015 and many skilled sewers recommend it.

2. Start with elaborate sewing projects. You are new to sewing and have zero experience before. So it is a really bad practice to deal with these complicated projects. You should start with easy projects, like making a napkin. This can help you build confidence. You need to improve your skills gradually.

3. Ignore the maintenance of the machine. Every device needs a regular maintenance to ensure its performance. You may think you can hire a specialist to fix your sewing machine if it doesn't work well, but you may not know it is really expensive to get such a specialist. And in most cases, a regular maintenance is enough to keep your machine working properly.

Additionally, you should also avoid using too heavyweight fabrics at the beginning. This kind of fabric requires more skills to handle. It is a long way to become a professional sewer. You can find more sewing tip on websites like and you need to be patient and work hard if you want to succeed in sewing.