Simplest Way To Pop A Pimple

The fear that many people have concerning pimple popping, is that it may end up leaving a scar. This is entirely understandable, as poorly executed, pimple popping can spread bacteria across your face, leading to a breakout of fresh pimples. It can also leave your skin scarred permanently.

But it all comes down to how you go about doing it. If you use a needle to pop the pimple, or you use your fingernails, you are asking for trouble. If, on the other hand, you use a proper stainless steel pimple popper, and you pay attention to hygiene, you will not have any problems.

Don't use a pimple popper without sterilising it. And don't use one made of coated nickel, or other cheap metals that will gain a rough texture after repeated boiling to sterilise them. The pitting on a bad pimple popper becomes a haven for bacteria. Since a good stainless steel pimple popper still only costs a few pounds, it is pointless getting a bad one just to save a few pence.

'Paying attention to hygiene' means not only sterilising the pimple popper, but investing in a bottle of Dettol or other disinfectant to clean the skin before and after the procedure. And then apply some antiseptic cream to the empty pimple afterwards, to make sure any lingering germs are killed.