Silica Lower and Regulate High Blood Pressure

When people hear the silica, they all think about some chemical composition in their minds.Some people even think of glass or computer chips or even breast enhancements. It is present mostly in sand, in rocks from which these minerals are extracted   and in a variety of gemstones . Therefore, Silica is present in our bodies as well.  Due to its great detoxifying and removing toxins from body benefits you can read more about silicio organico online and consult health experts.

Silica is as important to the body as other minerals. It helps the body in  proper functioning of the bones and all the elements of the human skeletal system. It is recommended by doctors to take silica as a food based diet which contains silica , so that it is useful for body growth without any deficiency. Silica helps in strengthening the body  and the calcium which is present in it helps the bones.

Most people think Silica and Silicon is the same thing. They do belong to the same category but they are totally  different . The naturally occurring element is known as Silicon. However, when silicon is  exposed to the atmosphere, silicon combines with the oxygen and forms into silica.

Silica should not be processed to that extent so that it looses its properties. Silica is also found in beer and bones in meats. These days a lot of health supplements also contain silica.