Regular Exercise – Why is it Essential to Exercise?

Exercising at home can be fun and suits many people who don't particularly want to join a gym or attend classes, why not ask a friend to join you and combine a wide range of activities into your daily routines, you will be amazed what you can achieve in a short period of time. Always remember that whilst exercise is good for us all please don't overdo it and should you feel unwell or experience pain or discomfort whilst exercising please stop immediately and get medical help. You can contact with  Your Personal Trainer in Ottawa for your daily fitness routine.

Regular exercise is absolutely essential for successful weight loss because physical activity boosts your metabolic rate and calorie burning muscle mass. As you become older, your metabolism slows down and your body uses up fewer calories, so you need to remain active throughout life to avoid the pounds creeping on.

However getting fit doesn't happen overnight and you have to commit yourself to making exercise part of your life. Most of us know that regular exercise is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, but still the majority of us do far too little. The change in lifestyle now will benefit you in later life.

Another option is to work out during lunch. Jogging and running are favorites of many at the office, not to mention those who work near the health club or have a corporate gym can also squeeze in some weight training and cardiovascular exercise.