Recruit More Distributors In Your Network Marketing Business

Facebook is such a giant platform and recently, it even had one billion users on it all in day. Do you see how huge that is? one in 7 people on the planet were on the platform in 24-hour period. Imagine reaching even a small number of those people – What difference would that make to your business?

 Set Up Your Profile

Be a human being, not a logo or company name. Let people see that you can be a professional network promotion professional and not be weird. Do not put a group picture as your personal profile either.

Connect with people

Have a target number of people you need to link up with – Start at ten people each day or more. Select to be consistent with this.

Join Facebook groups

Search for Facebook groups for individuals who have an interest in 'Work From Home' or 'home business' or 'Network Marketing'. 

Connect with people in the groups

Take a glance at the members tab and select to connect with a few individuals who are new to the group. Send them through a message and ask them to connect with you. You can also look up to so that you can gather more info on network marketting.

Be Active On Social Media

The key here is to build relationship with people. Let them get to know you as a human being so share your life with them. Keep in mind, you do not need to be ideal – be you.