Plastic Extrusion Process – Types & Applications

Especially the plastic extrusion process of polymer extrusion process used to produce plastic profiles of various shapes and sizes. 

Extrusion profiles created by the plastic extrusion process used for various purposes in major industries such as electronics and light industry, electronic equipment industry, the packaging industry and for the manufacture and maintenance of the other components for the manufacturing industry. Get to know more about the Plastic Extrusion and its types via

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Various materials are used to make extruded plastic profiles. This is basically to make them suitable for the various needs of different industries. 

There are certain advantages of each basic ingredients that make them suitable for different types of use. In accordance with the chosen material for the production of extruded profiles corresponding to the extrusion process to be employed also changed. 

Some commonly used types of plastic extrusion process are:

  • The extrusion process is free – Horizontal & Vertical
  • blow molding
  • mono Filament
  • Melt Extrusion
  • The coextrusion
  • Dual Durometer extrusion

Each of these processes has its own advantages and disadvantages of each other, which should be compared to determine which of the process suitable for the needs of any particular manufacturer. 

For example, the melt extrusion process requires little equipment set up, providing efficiency, economy and speed in output results. Or said crosshead extrusion provides an increased level of control over the thickness of the wall coverings, and easy removal from the basic application.