Organic Clothing for Women

The world is occupied with synthetic materials. As I was doing the study for this article, I started to look up how polyester, one of the most collective synthetic materials, is made. The base ingredients of polyester are crude oils or petroleum. I don't know anyone who would go to the gas station and splash themselves with petroleum and call it attire. 

So, why are we wearing clothing made from cloth which is made from the same ingredient that makes the combustible liquid that we toss into engines? As a woman who loves fashion, loves to be comfortable and loves her planet I favour organic clothing for women over synthetic clothing for women. In order to catch the best organic clothing, you can buy dresses online from

The Health Benefits of Organic Clothing: Organic materials are far better for skin. For example:


• Very few people have aversions to cotton

• Cotton can retain people cool in the heat and warm in the cold

• The breathable nature of cotton can keep odour causing bacteria from forming on the skin


• Silk acts as an anti-aging resource, after spending a night in silk pyjamas and/or on silk sheets a person will wake up with fewer creases on skin

• Silk can act as an anti-fungal agent