Offering Transcription Services as a Business is Viable

Transcription is basically a business concerned with converting speech (either recorded or live) into an electronic or a written document. The audio transcripts to be converted into text are available in different formats which may include .wav, mp3 and .wma among others. This service of converting audio to text is needed in several businesses which include large companies, hospitals, media and insurance companies and legal companies among others. With advent of technology companies are not able to hold meetings while being located at different places through use of electronic medium. The matter discussed in these meetings which is stored in audio format needs to be converted to text format and there are specialised companies offering these services. With these services companies are now able to document all the matters that are important and discussed in these meetings.

To pursue a successful career as a transcriber, you need to possess good listening skills. In addition, you should have the ability to listen as well as type simultaneously. The transcriber should also understand the context in which the matter has been spoken and should possess exceptional language skills. Businesses involved in converting audio to text format need to make investment in certain equipment such as a computer, voice recording machine, broad-band connection, foot-control pedal, telephone recording, printer and microphone. While selecting a company offering transcription services, it is important to ensure that the company has the requisite equipment. In case specialised work such as conversion of medical audio tapes the company or transcriber must be aware of medical terms and must have access to reference materials and medical dictionaries.

Increasing number of organizations- from large companies to small and medium enterprises, from legal firms to medical websites and media groups- have started seeking the services of transcribers. Outsourcing of this core skill is widely followed since conversion of documents from audio to text in-house can be time consuming and expensive. With the work given to specialised firms companies can now concentrate on their core business. While selecting firms offering transcription services , it is important to ensure that they have skilled and experienced transcribers on-board. The level of accuracy should be very high and they should also have a high work turnover time. The conversion of audio to text format can be completely verbatim or can be changed as per the agreement between the two parties. Complete confidentiality is also one of the most important aspects to selecting a transcriber. Companies selecting transcribers or firms offering these services can check into their past record to understand their experience and expertise level.