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Lawns are treated with chemical weed killers, fertilizers, and toxic pesticides. If you would like to keep weeds under control in your yard without using compounds… surprise, surprise… essential oils will help. You can navigate to for more info on weed control.

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“Essential Oils for Organic Weed Control”

I am not encouraging you to utilize your essential oils in your yards such as we do on our own bodies – since that may be ridiculously pricey.

However, I really do need you to know the vital oils are being researched for natural weed control, and there’s a means to utilize them in which you won’t break the bank.

Twenty-five oils have been analyzed for their herbicidal effects on dandelion leaves. The Best oils discovered were:

–Red Thyme

–Summer Coffee



Cinnamon had the greatest herbicidal action. This is mostly due to eugenol, the principal part of cinnamon. Essential oils may be used right in the weeds. Or they may be added to other organic items like herbicidal soaps, to boost their consequences.

These additives work by entering the darkened coating on plant leaves and make them dry out. If you’re energetic and ready to devote somewhat, you could create a little combination of dish soap and warm water and add some of the oils and spray your lawn.

Doing so could provide you a fantastic prospect of cutting down bud development and you would also be obviously fixing the region for ticks and fleas.