Monsanto And The EPA Allegedly Hid Evidence Linking Roundup

There is growing evidence that the agricultural giant Monsanto and the EPA allegedly worked together to hide evidence which links Roundup to cancer, as a new court filing shows. Sixty people that contracted cancer have been named on behalf of the recent court filing which purports that the Environmental Protection Agency worked with Monsanto officials to hide evidence that Roundup is toxic.

Included in the court filing is evidence from an EPA scientist who worked with the agency for 30 years and specifically singles out Jess Rowland, one of the top EPA officials, for using “political conniving games with the science” in order to hand out favors to Monsanto.

The lawsuit also alleges that Monsanto specifically had very close ties with EPA official Jess Rowland. It was Rowland’s job to manage a group of scientists who researched the effects of glyphosate on humans. He also ran the Cancer Assessment Review Committee and said publicly that glyphosate was “not likely to be carcinogenic to humans.” You can file a Roundup Lawsuit against Monsanto if you are also harmed by its harmful chemical.

Lawyers that are acting on behalf of the plaintiffs in this case are asking a federal judge to unseal documents which show all of the interactions between Monsanto and Jess Rowland with regard to the EPA determining that Roundup and its main ingredient glyphosate are not harmful or toxic to humans.