Luxury Motor Yacht Charters on the Mediterranean

If you're under the belief that in order to charter a Mediterranean yacht you will need to be a Premiership footballer or a Russian oligarch, then you're only partially accurate. Discover more about yacht chartering through

Luxury Motor Yacht Charters on the Mediterranean

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Though prices for Mediterranean charters will differ from place to place and from agent to agent, there are two major factors which will generally affect the purchase price of Mediterranean motor-yacht lease.

Motor Yacht Bareboat Charter in the Mediterranean

The most inexpensive system of Mediterranean motor-boat charter would be to employ a bareboat'. Do not be alarmed by the language though, ‘bareboat' are not literally ‘bare'. The term only reflects the fact that these ships are ‘stripped' of the team!

The result of this is that among your team is going to need to take on the mantle of ‘skipper'. All bareboat' charter companies will require that the designated ‘skipper' has some relevant experience, although the specific degree of expertise required will differ from location to location depending on factors like weather and traffic.

Crewed Motor Yacht Charter in the Mediterranean

While most small boats are generally chartered as bareboat', the vast majority of larger boats are normally only available as crewed' ships. Oftentimes, this is because the owner of the ship will employ his team full-time and it doesn't make economic sense for him to rent one without the other.