Kiefer Sutherland received more publicity than grandpas statue

Download 24 before I tell you something important related to Kiefer Sutherland. If you remember I told you that Kiefer visited Weyburn to attend the inauguration of his Grandpa’s statue. Kiefer’s grandpa, Tommy Douglas is considered as the ‘father of Medicare’. People have high regard for him. Therefore, Lea Vivot, a sculptor created a statue of Tommy Douglas to pay tribute to the great man.

Kiefer Sutherland attended the occasion with the intention to pay homage to his grandpa. However, he hogged all the limelight during his visit to his grandpa’s statue.

Well, there’s no fault of Kiefer. He’s so famous that viewers crave to catch 24 episodes online free just to get a glimpse of the actor. Media is aware of his burgeoning popularity. So, they concentrated more on Kiefer Sutherland rather than giving importance to Tommy Douglas’ statue.

The sculptor Lea Vivot is very upset from media because of the same reason. She felt that media gave more importance to the dignitaries present there instead of highlighting Tommy. After all, it was his day.

Well, Lea also understands that it is not Kiefer’s fault. He is so popular that his fans never miss any opportunity to see him. In fact, they still watch 24 online because of his charisma

Lea said, “Kiefer didn’t come there as an actor, he came as a grandson… It was up to (the media) what they focused on but it wasn’t appropriate.”

Lea has more reasons to get upset. She is annoyed as she didn’t get the credit which she deserved for her creation. Gilles Berthelot, Vivot’s assistant, “The whole thing became about Kiefer Sutherland … They forgot about the lady who devoted her time and effort into this and devoted all their time to having Kiefer Sutherland signing autographs.”

Our dear star of 24 TV show, Kiefer received all the attention whereas Lea who put her heart and soul to create the statue was neglected. This really hurt her.

Well, it was undoubtedly a careless act of media but we truly appreciate the lady for her beautiful creation. We would like to thank her for her efforts.

However, it’s clear that Kiefer has no hand in this matter. If somebody gives him priority, then how can he be blamed?

So, forget the matter and just watch 24 episodes online free to enjoy his performance.