Is Your Smartphone Hurting Your Neck?

Acording to a 2015 study, almost two thirds of American adults possess a smartphone, and we are spending more time. The new technology's widespread use has resulted in the rise of a fresh illness: "text neck."

Text neck is just what it sounds like: an illness that is postural caused by spending an excessive amount of time staring down at other apparatus or cell phones. It can lead to soreness, neck pain and pain in shoulders and the back.

Normally, when you hold your head right, gravitation simply uses 10 to 12 pounds of force. But as the angle between the perpendicular plane and the neck increases, so does the number of force. In your neck, you will sense 60 pounds of force only at that angle. That is like setting a small child in your neck throughout the day.

I've seen symptoms in patients as old, although the illness is more common among young folks. Most folks have a cell phone, whether they are texting or simply scrolling through social media, they are always looking down.

The continuous looking down is bad for them.

Text neck is readily avoidable, and the greatest medication is instruction. I tell all my patients to only change their telephone customs, and instruct a back class at AAMC. I tell them to pick up the phone and bring it. This can be an easily preventable state. There is no need to have problems with pain in shoulders, your neck or back due to your own telephone.

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